EUR-OCEAN project workshop
2011-10-05 - 2011-10-07
Oslo University, Norway


The EUR-OCEANS Consortium (EOC) builds on the legacy of the EC-funded, FP6 EUR-OCEANS European Network of Excellence (EO NoE), which contributed to the scientific expertise and dissemination of knowledge on marine ecosystems in the context of climate/global change from 2005 to 2008. The EUR-OCEANS acronym stands for EURopean research on OCean Ecosystems under Anthropogenic and Natural forcingS.

One of the consortium's flagship projects is EcoScenarios - Developing seasonal and spatial foodweb models through novel statistical modelling – tools for constructing scenarios under future global change.

The project, run 2010-2012, involves the following leading scientists and institutions:

* Nils-Christian Stenseth (co-ordinator) and Marcos Llope, (CEES) Oslo University
* Christian Möllmann, (IHF) University of Hamburg
* Thorsten Blenckner, (BNI) Stockholm Resilience Center
* Martin Edwards, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science

EcoScenarios will hold its second workshop at Oslo Universityin Norway 5-7 October 2011.

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